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Adding a calculator to Product Pages
Adding a calculator to Product Pages

Applying products to your calculator.

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Important Notes:

This operation may take up to 2 minutes, please allow sufficient time for this to be completed. If you add a calculator to a product that already has a calculator, the previously embedded calculator will be removed.

If you are new to the app, we recommend going through the basic tutorials starting with 5 Minute Tutorial! to understand how the app functions.

Unlike earlier when you had to add a script to a product description, the Custom Price Calculator app now allows you to add the calculator to multiple product pages simultaneously from the app itself.

  1. Once you have created your calculator, you go into the "Products to Apply" field in the Calculator Configuration section.

    1. Admin: It will redirect you to the Shopify product page where you can edit your product.

    2. Store: Where you can preview and test it in your store.

  2. This is a dropdown menu that will show you all the "ACTIVE" products in your product settings. You can which products you want to apply the calculator.

  3. You can also apply the calculator to all of your products at once. Just click "Select all"

    You can also remove the products where you no longer require the calculator by clicking on the "trash" sign on the right side. You can also view the product by clicking the view button.

  4. Once you have completed product selection, and finalized your formula, simply scroll up and click on the "Save Calculator" button to save your calculator and apply it to various products that you have selected.

    You can continue to make changes to the calculator, however, just ensure that you click on the "Save Calculator" button each time, for the changes to reflect on the respective product pages.

  5. To check if the calculator has been applied to your desired product page, click on the "Store" button you will see the calculator showing up.

    Please reach out to us if you still face any trouble in applying the calculator to the product pages.

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