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How the calculator works with Variants
How the calculator works with Variants

Our app will create its own variant.

Written by Kristina
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For the app to work, every time a customer adds a custom product from the calculator to their cart, it will create a new variant under that product.

Please note: Our app will not work with default Shopify variants, which is sometimes the reason for slow-add-to-cart. We can offer your options through our app by using a dropdown or image selector element.

As Shopify sets a limit to how many variants a specific product can have (100 variants) we go through all the variants every 2 hours and delete them to make sure you don't surpass that number. However, this may cause the products lying in the cart to disappear after two hours. Due to this, customers are not able to complete the checkout if they have abandoned the cart for more than two hours.

  • Abandoned Cart Issue and Variant Deletion Settings

To keep the products in the cart for a longer duration, you can go to configuration settings and switch on the toggle that keeps the variants active until the limit of 100 variants is breached, irrespective of the time duration.
​For e.g., if the customer returns to the abandoned cart even after 24 hours and the variant limit of 100 has not been reached yet, then the customer would be able to checkout the product.


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