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Image Selector Element

Using our Image Selector element you can allow your customers to select any image from a swatch or dropdown selection. If you want the image of the selected option will even be displayed as the main photo on the product page on the calculator is embedded on.

How to use:

Drag the Image Selector element to your canvas
Name => The option that will be displayed when hovering over the swatch or as an option in the dropdown
Value => The value that will be used in the formula when calculating the product price
Image => Upload the selected impage for the specific option. This image will be displayed in the swatch selection
Enable Swatch => When enabled the view will be a swatch view, when disabled it will be a drop down view showing the option name
Show Image on Selection => If enabled, when a specific option is chosen the main product image will change to the selected options image

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Updated on: 04/08/2022

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