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Creating a Formula

The formula is the price that the customer will see on the product page and will be calculated dynamically and displayed live as their input changes.

In the formula section you will need to define the formula based on the defined inputs in the elements.

Supported Mathematical Functions:
The formula accepts: +, -, , /
Do things in parentheses first: ()
ceil(label name) =>Rounds a number up to the nearest integer
floor(label name) =>Rounds a number down to the nearest integer
sqrt(label name) => Calculates the square root of the input
Use the label names to build the formula.

Number input:
If you are using the range feature, you can return the range value by inserting the "labelname", or the actual value inserted by the customer by inserting "label name[actualvalue]"

Data lookup:
To add the matched value to your formula all you have to do is insert the element's "label name". You can also use any of the two inputs inserted by your customer to you formula by doing the following: "ELEMENT LABEL [INPUT 1 NAME]"

Dropdown labeled Color with options named Blue and Red. I want the price for each to be the options value * 100

Formula: Color * 100

If I want to add a base cost of $30 I would change the formula to: Color * 100+30

NOTE: Each element has to have a unique label name.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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