On the side navigation click “Create New”

Make sure you are on the Elements tab

Select which Element you want to use and drag it to the canvas. You can add multiple elements to the same calculator and reposition them or delete them as needed. Once you selected your element you need to click "Properties" to edit the options and labels.

Once you build your calculator you will need to calculate the checkout price using the formula. Click here to learn more on how to build a formula.

You can also select a Minimum Product Price to display in case the calculation of the inputs doesn’t reach a price that is profitable for you to sell your product for. For example, if the formula value is $30, but your minimum product price is set to $40, we will display $40 as the product price. If your formula value is $41, we will display $41 as the product price.

Give your calculator a name

Click Save and Generate Code

If the formula inserted isn’t valid (meaning the formula is set up using invalid inputs) you will see an error message. To proceed you will need to fix your formula.

You now need to embed your formula. Click here to learn more.
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