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Area (sqm, sqft) based discounts through data lookup element

This will allow customers to calculate area-based discounts through the data lookup element.

To understand how data lookup works, please refer to our help article on the Data Lookup element.

Step 1: Add number input element

Drag and drop 2 number input elements to your calculator canvas. Change the label to length and width.

Step 2: Add data lookup element

Step 3: Update Data Lookup Properties

Each Data Lookup element has two number inputs. For each, you can control the name, minimum value, maximum value, and the number of decimals allowed to input.

Toggle on the formula option for each input.

Input 1 - Set the formula to 1
Input 2 - Set the formula to length*width as shown in the screenshot below.

It will disable the conditional display for the data lookup element
The input will be hidden from the calculator as there is no longer any input needed

Step 4: Update the data values

Click on Update Data and table input will appear. You can then paste data from Excel or Google Sheets or manually type them in.

Below examples are of the total SF is;

1-100 SF (Length*Width) the price would be 10 per square foot.
101 - 200 SF(Length*Width) the price would be 8 per square foot.
More than 200 SF(Length*Width) the price would be 6 per square foot.

Step 5: Add the element to your formula

To add the matched value to your formula all you have to do is insert the element name.
We have to enter length*width*pricing. Pricing was the data lookup element.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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